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Fireplace Tool Set Brass

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Antique Brass Fireplace Tool Set

Are you looking for a brass fireplace tool set that will make your home accents look their best? if so, then you need to check out the best brass fireplace tool set out there! This set will all you need to get started with your engraved brass fireplace tool set. this set includes; 1. The starter kit includes all the tools you need to get started with engraved brass fireplace tool sets. The starter kit includes; 1. A brass woodchip chisel 2. A brass saw 3. A brass miter saw 4. A brassfile 5. A brass trowel 6. A brass chisel 7. A brass drill 8. A brass jigsaw 9. A brass sandpaper.

Solid Brass Fireplace Tool Set

This tool set includes four brass duck hunting tools in a mix of green and black. The tools are self-winding and wick up to 30% in only 4-5 months. The stand is height-adjustable for perfect fireplace experience. this brass fireplace tool set comes with four tools stand and five tools for a beautiful polished brass finish. The tools work together to removefuel smoke and soot from your fireplace. The tools are vibrationated and have a sandpaper finish to getudcrumbs and media off of the brass. Brass fireplace tool set includes four tools stand - one for each end of the firebox - with travel-time protection. The tools are vibrationated with a sandpaper finish for easy media removal. this set includes a brass handle fireplace tool and a poker brooch shovel stand. The tools are black and look great at any room size. The tool set is easy to use and holds all the necessary tools for a little fire in your fireplace. The poker brooch tool can be used to remove poker players from their fireplace, while the shovel stand makes it easy to reach your fireplace from outside. this is a vintage solid brass firehouse tool set. It includes 5 pieces: 1 washtub, 1 pegbox, 1 clapboard tool box, 1 tool box, and 1 access door. The tool set is excellent for replacing stars and logs in a firehouse, removing smoke and heat from an oven, or any other job that requires firewood.